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Simultaneous Virtual and On-Site Training

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PitBullTax Hybrid Workshops

Virtual and On-Site Tax Resolution Training

The only program of its kind... Designed for those tax professionals who want to learn or finely tune their tax resolution skills, PitBullTax Institute uniquely combines theory, practice and cutting-edge technology to save you countless hours on every case and increase your profits dramatically and immediately!

PitBullTax Hybrid Workshops are presented in an intimate class setting which creates opportunity for more one-on-one interactions and individually tailored approaches for each group of students. There is a course for anyone regardless of their skillset or experience in tax resolution, as PitBullTax Hybrid Workshops are available in 3 different levels, Beginners Intermediate and Advanced. It is a tax resolution training that is conveniently offered several times a year to fit any busy schedule.

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Beginners Level

3-day Hybrid Workshop

Intermediate Level

2-day Hybrid Workshop

Advanced Level

3-day Hybrid Workshop


Simultaneous Virtual and On-Site Training

Jaime S. Buchwald
On-Site Location:

PitBullTax Software
6250 Coral Ridge Drive Suite 100
Coral Springs, FL 33076

Why to Attend:

The PitBullTax Hybrid Workshops are organized for CPAs, EAs and Tax Attorneys who want to efficiently learn and master the techniques of the Tax Resolution specialty while becoming experts in the most cutting-edge software platform available today.

These workshops will give you the opportunity to:

  • Gain and upgrade your Tax Resolution knowledge
  • Earn your CPE/CE credits
  • Increase your business efficiency and profitability
  • Special bonus:
    All attendees, including your support staff, will become Certified Expert Users of PitBullTax Software. You will get complete training on our extensive platform and learn all the tips and the hidden gems in this comprehensive software. One program – 2 Certificates!

Become Tax Resolution Expert with PitBullTax!

Why PitBullTax Institute?

Designed for CPAs, EAs, Tax Attorneys, and their support staff, PitBullTax Institute is the premier destination for comprehensive tax resolution training, including tax resolution courses and seminars. Our platform blends theoretical knowledge with practical skills and advanced technology, offering tax resolution classes and tax representation training that elevate your expertise. Here, you'll not only enhance your tax resolution knowledge but also earn CPE/CE credits, boosting your efficiency and profitability. Join our tax resolution specialist training to stay ahead in the field.

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