Client Questionnaire for Individuals and Business (English and Spanish)

Send an email link through the PitBullTax application or your Client Portal to your client to gather personal and financial data. Once the information is encrypted, sent back, and verified, all IRS forms are auto populated. If there are errors in the gathered information, our logic will identify and highlight them for you.
In order to obtain the best possible tax resolution, the Client Questionnaire asks your clients their current tax situation through various items, their personal and contact information as well. It is available in both English and Spanish and adjusts to Individual and Business Clients.

Invitations through Email and SMS

Our Client Questionnaire is compatible with computers and mobile devices. You will be able to send the Client Questionnaire invitation through Email and SMS. Your clients will simply click on a one-time use link, and they can start filling the questionnaire.

Client Questionnaire Log

Need to check if your clients have completed the Client Questionnaire? The Client Questionnaire Log allows you to find and review all the important details about a Client Questionnaire like the share date, access date, sections shared, completion date and reminder detail.

Client Questionnaire Reminders

Easily configure reminders to automatically follow up with your most stubborn clients and get the information you need as soon as possible.

Gather data and auto-populate to Forms

With one click, your client’s information is imported to the necessary IRS Forms and tools for the case. Once the data from Client Questionnaire is received and verified, all the necessary IRS Forms and tools are auto-populated in the software.